Kim Kardashian in a leather set from Balenciaga. Shocking styling

Kim Kardashian is famous for his fashion experiments and the courage to put on various items of clothing. Her latest styling, however, amazed fans. A celebrity on the streets of New York showed up dressed from head to toe in black leather.

Original styling by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

For several months now, it has been loud about the exits of Kanye West, whom paparazzi have photographed many times in stylizations with various fabrics on the head. The rapper used them for walks or even fashion shows. Some saw the musician’s greater mental problems in it, others explained that it was because he wanted to remain unrecognized. However, it turns out that he also instilled his love for the original garment in his ex-wife. Kim Kardashian first appeared in a black face-covering kit at one of the Donda promotional events at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Then the whole family showed up there in dark stylizations, which the celebrity later did not hesitate to boast about online.

Kim Kardashian in a leather set

Now Kim Kardashian has taken it a step further. The star arrived in New York on Saturday, September 11 to prepare for the cult Met Galato be held on Monday. The celebrity did not pass unnoticed due to her outfit. The paparazzi photographed her on the way from the black SUV to the hotel, wearing a leather Balenciaga kit. She was wearing a fashionable trench coat and matching gloves, pants, high heeled boots, and a mask. The fabric covered her entire face, and only a ponytail was sticking out from under it. She matched the styling with a single white element, i.e. a handbag of the same brand.

Kim Kardashian published a few photos from that exit on her Instagram, adding a knife emoticon to the shots. Fans reacted to this look with extreme opinions. The comments read: “Twardzielka”, “Disgusting”“Are you okay?” “Anyone else have strong associations with ‘American Horror Story’?” “Who has been around Kanye for far too long”, “Can you call it a fashion?”, “It looks like this. stupid “Is it Halloween already?”.

What do you think about Kim’s styling?

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Main photo source: cover video / x-news

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