Kim Kardashian is crying about the divorce

The main topic of the upcoming and last season of the reality show “With a camera at the Kardashians” is the divorce of Kim and Kanye West. In the trailer for the first episode, we can see a crying celebrity complaining to her little sister.

Kim Kardashian: I feel a failure

– I feel like a loser – Kim complains, full of tears. The crisis in the relationship of the famous couple has been talked about for a long time. During the summer holidays, the celebrity tried to defend her husband, whose bizarre entries on the web aroused the interest of the media. “Jas many of you know, Kanye has bipolar disorder. I have never commented on how his illness affects our lives at home due to the protection of our children and my husband’s right to privacy. “ – Kardashian wrote then on the web, appealing for understanding towards her husband.

Kardashian is getting divorced

The conflict between Kardashian and West reached its zenith when he decided to run in the presidential election. The couple spent holidays and vacations separately. Eventually, Kardashian decided to file for divorce. Realizing the great interest in this matter, the producers of the reality show “From the Kardashian’s Camera” decided to use the topic of their separation.

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