Kim Kardashian Is Disturbingly Sexy in New American Horror Story Trailer

Thursday, July 20, the first trailer of the new season ofAmerican Horror Story: Delicate has been published. The opportunity to discover the first disturbing images of season 12, with Kim Kardashian in particular.

Kim Kardashian: disturbing and sexy in the trailer for American Horror Story: Delicate

One word for this new season trailer from American Horror Story : disturbing. On a music creepy, we discover the 5-star cast for this latest opus: Emma Roberts, the top Cara Delevingne, without forgetting Kim Kardashian plays in the series. We can also discover the first images of the season, with a totally unrecognizable Kim Kardashian. A pale complexion, a red mouth, blond hair and XXL eyelashes. Her hands, covered with latex gloves, carry an infant. A clue about the plot of season 12?

What will American Horror Story: Delicate Season 12 be about?

If no official season 12 release dateAmerican Horror Story has not yet been unveiled, we can assume that it will however be broadcast in 2023. But what will this new season be about? According to the pictures, American Horror Story: Delicate should deal with the subject of pregnancy and all the fears it engenders… all sprinkled with the supernatural. A priori, this 12th season should be available on Canal+ in France.

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