Kim Kardashian is pissed at Kanye after she appeared on stage with him in a wedding gown

Kim Kardashian surprised everyone when she appeared on stage in a wedding dress during Kanye West’s performance. Many people wonder what’s going on – are they back together or is it just another way to make noise around them? It turns out that the rapper was not entirely honest with her.

What is going on?! Kim Kardashian appeared in a WEDDING Gown at the Kanye West event

Kim Kardashian in a wedding gown on stage with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian decided to end her marriage to Kanye and filed for divorce. She appeared at all premieres of “Dondy” because they will always be a family after all. Her last performance, however, is puzzling – did they give themselves a chance?

However, the celebrity is not satisfied after all. Kanye later invited controversial guests onto the stage – Marilyn Mansonwho was accused of sexual abuse and a rapper DaBaby, known, among others with homophobic speech.

Marilyn Manson accused of domestic violence and rape!

She sat in an apartment facing the back of the house, so she was unable to get them [występów] see from your vantage point. She wasn’t aware of what was happening at all. She only knew what Kanye had asked her to do and she was ready to help him, reports the whistleblower “People”.

Kim Kardashian with children and Khloe supports Kanye West on the promotion of the new album (PHOTOS)

If she had known about the other guests from the beginning, she probably wouldn’t have agreed to appear on stage.

Kanye will always be Kim’s family. When he is well and happy, it benefits the children. Kim is the first person to support his visions. He asked her to attend the performance and she replied yes without hesitation. She didn’t know Marilyn Manson was going to be there too. (…) Kim is about positive advertising. She would never have participated in it if she had known Manson would be there.

Kanye West is shocking again

Kim Kardashian cries while talking to Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian cries while talking to Kanye West. Photo: Forum/Backgrid USA

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, photo: Forum/Backgrid USA.

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