Kim Kardashian is planning another plastic surgery. It will be a big change in her appearance

Kim Kardashian (40) became famous not only for her sex tape and participation in a reality show, but also for her characteristic appearance. She has undergone a series of plastic surgeries, and is especially known for her large buttocks, which are the work of a surgeon. According to one of the magazines, the celebrity is planning big changes.

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Kim Kardashian plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian has changed since the beginning of her career. Now she dreams of becoming a lawyer, she is training and this also influences the desire to change her image. In addition, she has turned 40 and is in the middle of her third divorce.

Kim finally realized she couldn’t enjoy the fantastic plastic look anymore. She will be a three-time divorced woman in her forties – and a mother of four – reports “Heat” magazine.

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Who is begins by reducing the bust.

He wants to reduce his breast size and get rid of push-up bras, and he also ditches tight latex clothes for a more refined look. It will signal a completely new beginning for her. She used to believe beauty fixes made her more attractive, but now she just wants to be normal.

Rumors that she reduced her buttocks appeared some time ago when she added a photo on Instagram where they did not seem as big as usual.

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Do you think it will really come back to a more natural look?

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