Kim Kardashian on SNL: Shocking words about her late father and Kanye. She exaggerated?

Kim Kardashian showed at the beginning of the program that she did not come here to be polite. There were, among other things, jokes about her sex tape and a reference to the rumor that it was her mother – Kris Jenner – who directed the video …

After that, she added that it must have “flashed through” her mother’s mind – alluding to Kris’s alleged involvement in the “leak”. She also did not spare the less famous sisters …

Kim also referred to her father, a lawyer who died years ago, Robert Kardashian. His most famous case was the (successful) defense of OJ Simpson, who was accused of killing his wife. Kim told SNL that her father showed her the first black person and it’s hard to forget because that person was OJ …

She also did not spare her husband, Kanye West, with whom she is divorcing. She noted that she was married to the best rapper of all time, including the richest black man in the States, so it is known that the reason for the divorce cannot be anything other than … his personality.

The joke is quite strong, because, as you know, Kanye is struggling with serious mental problems, and Kim herself has repeatedly emphasized that she is sick and does not want to undergo treatment … Is she exaggerating?

In addition to the monologue, which was definitely the funniest, Kim Kardashian also presented other skits – including something akin to rap (?) About falling asleep in a club and a sketch featuring her sister Khloe and mother Kris Jenner. The latter was inspired by courtroom reality shows and came out particularly pale and not very funny …

Kim also featured in a spoof on a dating show, in which she stars as a woman looking for a husband. Here she joked about the number of husbands and her weakness for basketball players … Amy Schumer and wrestler John Cena also took part in the skit.

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