Kim Kardashian overcame her arachnophobia for American Horror Story!

This Wednesday, September 20, 2023 marks the release of season 12 of American Horror Story. Kim Kardashian had to overcome her phobia of spiders.

In the teaser for season 12 of American Horror Story, Kim Kardashian appeared very creepy. For this season with a horrifying appearance, the star had to overcome her fear of spiders. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

American Horror Story is renewed

Since 2011, American Horror Story has been wildly successful. And for good reason, the directors of the series leave nothing to chance. With settings as surprising as each other and crazy intrigues, producers aim very high. And this is a great success every season.

And the series renews itself once again on Canal. Indeed, this Wednesday September 20 marks the release of season 12 of American Horror Story. Something to delight the fans!

And the producers of American Horror Story have not finished surprising them. And for good reason, a famous star arrived in the series. The latter is none other than Kim Kardashian. Moreover, the star revealed herself in a very creepy teaser!

Indeed, the teaser is full of spiders, both big and small. One thing is sure, this season 12 promises to be very terrifying. Like the previous ones. Eh yes !

Besides, the filming was not all rosy for Kim Kardashian. And for good reason, the latter had no other choice than to overcome her fear of spiders. MCE TV tells you more!

Kim Kardashian facing her phobia

Playing the role of Anna Alcott in American Horror Story, Kim Kardashian faced a major challenge. And for good reason, Kanye West’s ex had no choice but to overcome his fear of spiders. Ouch!

In the teaser, Kim Kardashian appears scarywith a large tarantula on the chest and a spider web. Not easy when you have a phobia of spiders!

This terrible fear made the star almost psychotic. In fact, when Kim Kardashian was having her makeup done, she mistook the false eyelashes for a spider. “They were placed on the makeup table and I almost screamed because I thought it was a spider, said the young woman, hilarious. It must be said that the false eyelashes that Kim Kardashian wore for the shoot were great.

Besides, this arachnophobia is not new. Kim Kardashian has been trying to defeat her since 2020. In fact, every year, during Halloween, the mother decorates her house with a large black and very hairy tarantula. The latter even disguises herself as a spider to try to overcome her fear. Too creepy!

Even though Kim Kardashian was very courageous in trying to overcome this phobia which affects many people, she was not able to overcome it. The businesswoman to confess still very afraid of spiders. Thin !

One thing is certain, this season of American Horror Story promises to be rich in suspense and horror. Something to delight fans of the series, who can discover the sequel to their favorite series today.

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