Kim Kardashian Pays Tribute to Kanye West on Father’s Day!

On the occasion of Father’s Day, influencer Kim Kardashian made a point of sending a message to her ex, the famous rapper Kanye West.

After Christina Milian’s adorable gift to M Pokora, it’s Kim Kardashian’s turn to pay tribute to Kanye West on Father’s Day.


Via her Instagram account, the young woman has published a video that recaps the main stages of their love story. And the least we can say is that Internet users were very moved.

But these aren’t the only stars to have celebrated Father’s Day. As bizarre as it sounds, Kim Kardashian also paid tribute to Kanye West, the father of his four children: Psalm, North, Chicago, Saint.

Indeed, this must have surprised the fans since the two stars are currently in the process of divorce. Like what, there is only one step between love and hate.

Thus, also via her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian published a series of photos of the dads around her. We thus recognized his own father, Robert Kardashian, and his brother Rob. But also Caitlyn Jenner, Travis Scott, Tristan Thompson, Scott Disick… and Kanye West of course!

In the caption, the young woman wrote: “  Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers in our lives! I love you unconditionally! “.

Of course, this post did not fail to react. In addition to the 2 million likes, Kim Kardashian fans have also commented en masse.

“Special mention for the wonderful moms who are both mom and dad”, “Awww Kim it’s too cool”, ”  Kayneee “, “Happy Father’s Day”, “It’s too beautiful”, can we thus read.


This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has sent a message to her ex, Kanye West. Indeed, on June 8, the young woman also wished him a very nice birthday.

The latter had indeed published on Instagram a family snapshot showing the famous rapper alongside his children. ”  Happy birthday. I love you for life, ”she wrote in the caption. However, this does not mean anything except that their separation is going well.

Indeed, Kim Kardashian does not intend to backtrack and remains a heart to be taken. And if there is one who understood it, it is Soulja Boy.

The latter recently dredged Kim Kardashian, publicly. Yes, yes, you heard very well. Not long ago, the latter reposted a photo of her on a tennis court.

To the legend of Kim Kardashian (“Someone for a tennis?”), He also replied: “I want to play”. Either way, Kim Kardashian will never forget the father of her children.

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