Kim Kardashian praised her new Lamborghini. What did she do with that car ?! [ZDJĘCIA+WIDEO]

If you have a car or any other thing, we try to assume: your car, your rules. But what Kim Kardashian has done with her new Lamborghini is simply impossible to ignore. What an embarrassment!

Poor Lamborghini …


It is impossible not to comment on her new Lamborghini Urus, which the celebrity praised on Instagram. The car is owned by Kim Kardashian and is covered with a fabric resembling… fur.

Yes, a fur coat – just like the van in the movie Dumb and Dumber. It’s just that it’s a comedy movie, and here we are dealing with a real Lamborghini. It was created to promote her newest store, Skims. Well, when it comes to automotive tastes, celebrities can’t be trusted.

Furry Urus


A furry Lamborghini Urus appeared on her Instagram. If you looked at all the photos, you will see a fur-like fabric inside. It is present literally everywhere – on the steering wheel, seats and even on the rims. We’re not sure if it’s legal, but a character like Kim Kardashian can do anything.

There was, of course, an embarrassing joke on Instagram. The post was signed: “Kimmy had a little sheep!” Which explains the presence of fur all over the Lamborghini. On the other hand – her car, her rules, right?

Tasteless and embarrassing

This isn’t the first embarrassing celebrity car we’ve seen. Justin Bieber was no better with his Rolls-Royce, and the NBA basketball players also showed their bad taste. But not all of them belong to this group.

There are also celebrities who really like cars and have fantastic collections.

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