Kim Kardashian recalls pregnancy. It was because of her that she lost her confidence! “I hated it”

Kim Kardashian
Author: E! Entertainment / Ferrari Press / East News

During the latest interview, Kim Kardashian, admiring her husband Kanye West, revealed that it was he who taught her self-confidence. And what made the celebrity lose confidence? Kim remembers her first pregnancy and honestly says what it really looked like. It was not colorful!

Kim Kardashian is a happy mother of four. However, as she herself revealed in the latest interview, she was already pregnant with North was a great challenge for her.

The celebrity revealed that pregnancy was not the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, it also had a heavy impact on Kardashianki’s psyche. It made Kim lose her confidence.

I wasn’t a lovely pregnant woman. I didn’t like it. I hated it. I hated how I felt. I hated the way I looked. I was so used to seeing my mother pregnant and all looking so sweet, I thought this life was so wonderful back then. But I wasn’t like that.

Kim said during the podcast interview, adding that it shook her confidence, which she later had to rebuild.

Fortunately, she had Kanye West by her side, who helped her to get rid of all uncertainty and again Kim could conquer the world and delight with hitmanship.

Probably also because Kim decided to hire a surrogate twice.

It was Kanye West who taught Kim Kardashian self-confidence. His ex-wife appreciates him


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