Kim Kardashian remembers his youth. She showed an archival photo of Kourtney. “Student times, baby!”

Kim Kardashian shared a photo from her student days with Instagram followers. The star remembered her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, studying at the University of Arizona. The celebrity reminded her sister of what a passionate party girl she was, and she herself acted as her driver. As Kim admitted, visiting the University of Arizona made her no longer interested in partying …

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Kim Kardashian remembers her student days and shows a photo from Kourtney

The photo posted on the web shows the mother of the children Kanye West and her sister Kourtney. The description reads:

Student times, baby! The University of Arizona saved me from becoming a wild party girl. I remember visiting Kourtney on campus and being her designated driver. I hated all these crazy parties so much that I preferred to stay home and never drink or party. So thank you, University of Arizona. Even though I was never your student, you shaped my life more than you might imagine.

Khloe Kardashian demands attention. Internet users admit that Kourtney does not change

The most popular comment under Kim’s post is Khloe Kardashian, who jokingly reminded the sisters that she was at the photo party that night too.

I was there too.

Kardashian fans are delighted with the beauty of Kourtney, which does not lose its charm despite the passage of time.

Kourtney is not aging at all.

Wow, Kourtney literally always looked the same as she does now!

Kourtney didn’t even age a day.

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How do you rate the image of Kim and Kourtney in the photo from years ago?

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