Kim Kardashian: “Sex Tape Made The Family Success.” She finally admitted it!

Kim Kardashian
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Kim Kardashian’s sex tape is undoubtedly one of the most embarrassing episodes in the life of a celebrity. On the other hand, however, many people feel that home porn is what Kim Kardashian owes money and career to. Like the rest of her family … Now she has finally admitted it too! Check out what Kim Kardashian said about her famous sex tape in the latest interview!

In career Kim Kardashian there were times when a celebrity would gladly erase her famous one sex tape from the curriculum vitae. However, it was not possible, because it was from amateur porn that the little-known star made it to the front pages of newspapers. It was 2007, and apart from Kim Kardashian her boyfriend of the time starred on her famous sex tape, Ray Jaka Willie Norwood.

Regrettably, however, the sex tape opened the door to a great career for Kim Kardashian. Besides, not only for her, but also for the whole family. Kim finally confirmed this in a recent interview.

Without sex tape, there would be no Kardashian show!

The subject of amateur porn Kim Kardashian has been coming back for years like a boomerang. In subsequent articles devoted to sex tape, celebrities have long appeared, incl. accusations against Kim’s mother. According to many people it was Kris Jenner who was behind the camerawhen her daughter was frolicking with Ray J. Was it really so? Of course, we will never know …

But Kim Kardashian just made a pretty shocking confession. Years later, the star confirmed what many had said for a long time: it was the sex tape that made her family famous.

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In a recent interview with Kim Kardashian Andy Cohen asked the celebrity if she felt that the Kardashian family show would have had a chance to become such a hit if it were not for her sex tape. Kim Kardashian surprised with her honest answer:

Looking back, probably NOT.

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Kim also wondered what she would say to her kids when they asked about the famous sex tape.

So far, fortunately, I haven’t had to do it, and I think so many years have passed and so many positive things have happened that maybe this one erases somehow.

This is something I have to face for the rest of my life

– says Kim Kardashian.

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