Kim Kardashian shocked with styling. It’s hard to believe …

Kim Kardashian joined the club with ten zeros a while ago. The celebrity has the status of a billionaire, guest on the covers of the largest fashion houses in the world, runs her own companies and is the main star of the family show “With the Kardashian Camera”.

The queen of American influencers made an incredible career. It is enough for him to publish a photo on Instagram, and in just a few hours – it collects several million likes. As befits a true star, she even appeared in the American edition of “Dancing with the Stars”.

It should also not be forgotten that she starred in several films, wrote a book, married rapper West and raises four children. Kim is also treated as a fashion oracle. We are well aware that today’s stylizations can be eccentric, but we were probably not ready for that.

Kardashianka is famous for its love of leather and latex, but this time it surpassed itself! The 40-year-old presented a crazy stylization on her Instagram. She was dressed in leather from head to toe, but this headdress (?) Made a real sensation.

Kim decided to add a peculiar addition. She had a leather pouch on her head that completely covered her face. I wonder if the “mask” allowed you to breathe freely? It looks very … impractical.

How do you like it?

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