Kim Kardashian stole the name? SKKN has been operating on the market for years

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
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Kim Kardashian is in a revolution in life. The star divorces Kanye West and is rebranding the company. Soon KKW Beauty was to change into SKKN. The star even applied for the trademark “SKKN”. However, it quickly turned out that the company with such a name has been operating in the beauty industry for years!

A lot changes in the life of Kim Kardashian. Earlier this year, the rumors that had been repeated for many months were confirmed … Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get divorced! However, it is not that simple – they are connected not only by a group of children, but also by business. After all, the surname West is even in the name of the cosmetics brand Kim Kardashian. That, however, will change soon.

Foreign media reports that Kim Kardashian is working on rebranding his company. He wants to say goodbye to the name of KKW beauty, although officially it is not related to divorce …

Recently, the TMZ portal reported that Kim Kardashian has applied for registration of the SKKN trademark. It turns out, however, that such a company already operates in the beauty industry.


Kim Kardashian changes the name of her cosmetics! Instead of KKW Beauty will be …

Kim Kardashian remains unnamed?

The celebrity submitted documents to register the SKKN trademark. However, it did not go as planned … Instead of consent, she was given a cease and desist warning.

TMZ found the documents issued by Beauty Concepts LLC. In them, the company explained that it runs both a website and various social media under the name SKKN. The brand owned by Cyndie Lunsford mainly provides beauty and skin care services.

They also claimed to have applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office last March to legally register the brand’s logo.

Media reports that Kim Kardashian filed for trademark registration SKKN BY KIM, although Beauty Concepts also contested that application.

Maybe Kim Kardashian will decide to stay with W in KKW Beauty?

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