Kim Kardashian surfs the Barbie trend and dyes her hair!

Barbie is still wreaking havoc! Kim Kardashian succumbs to the trend launched by Margot Robbie… and changes her hair color!

The “Barbie madness” also seizes Kim Kardashian! While the star seems to be a fan of the film where Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie shine, she seeks to shine in turn… changing haircut. MCETV tells you all about it!

A new cut very “Barbie”

Because all the celebrities seem to be Barbie fans. The Americans were thus able to discover Selena Gomez’s birthday pics… all in pink. With a host of stars. All in pink, too. The film’s influence seems pretty incredible in the US.

And she even touched Kim Kardashian! As usual, the star publishes moments of life in her Insta stories… But one of them surprised the fans. Because we discover her with platinum blonde hair ! Something to surprise everyone.

The star has indeed rather accustomed his fans to his black hair. But this big change also comes with a change of outfit. Because on the story, we discover the young woman dressed all in pink. A pink crop, pink shorts: we quickly understood!

It must also be said that, as of July 23, Kim Kardashian announced the arrival of the “Barbie season”. And if the fans could think that this season would stop at the film, it is not so! Barbie fever won the star down to her look and haircut.

She even adds a little layer in the legend of her story.You know I love pink. But everyone too right now! » Indeed, everyone loves pink: Barbie achieves the best start of the year for a movie!

Kim Kardashian: life in pink

While his sister leaned more towards the Bratz side by taking out a doll in his effigy, Kim K has chosen his side. Pink, pink, and a blonde dye : the fans take full eyes! But this pink also means something else for the star.

“Everyone also at the moment”, she writes like this… And it can be seen on her Insta feed. Kim Kardashian sees pink everywhere. Starting with the field of his new passion: football. And especially the Inter Miami club.

Indeed, the team created by David Beckham wears a very visible pink jersey… And Saint and Psalm loved going to see a game. Photos in pink next to Leo Messi went around the world. But also show why pink is so important.

Especially since between Barbie and football, there are also product placements! Kim Kardashian indeed promotes the “Pink Lemonade”. A pink lemonade that is starting to sell out right at the right time… and which extends the field of possibilities a little further.

If Kim Kardashian launched the “Barbie Season” for several weeks now, pink has been found everywhere. On her outfits, on her children, at the cinema, on the pitch, in her drink: pink fever has not finished spreading!

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