Kim Kardashian trailers – how much did they cost?

Kim Kardashian is known to be shocking. Anyway, recently, because at the MET Gala, she gave us a sample of it. What are we talking about? Let us remind you that it is about styling. One of the most popular celebrities in the world decided to come masked from head to toe at a fashion event.

What is going on?! Everyone thought Kim Kardashian was at the Met Gala with Kanye West

Kim Kardashian has paid a fortune for the trailers

In this original styling, Kim was attracted not only by the veiled face, but also by a very long ponytail. Also, no one doubted that the hair was extruded. Of course, the star focused on the best quality attachments, so – if not for the size of the hairstyle – it could be considered natural strands. One of Mrs. Kardashian’s fans even asked the hair stylist who brushed Kylie Jenner’s sister at the MET Gala.

So how much did the celebrity pay for the trailers? Chris Appleton revealed that it was Fr. $ 10,000, or about PLN 40,000. Of course, you should also add the hairdresser’s fee, which in this case was certainly not cheap either.

Kim Kardashian REVEALS what her strange outfit meant

A car, an exotic vacation for a family of four … What would you exchange such trailers for?

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