Kim Kardashian unmasked by her own daughter! “Why do you sound different?”

Kim Kardashian, North West
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Kim Kardashian exposed by North West. The celebrity’s daughter and her cousin discovered the secret of Kardashianki. Uses a changed voice when recording videos!

It is said that nothing can be hidden from mom, but in case Kim Kardashian rather the opposite is true. While recording a promotion for one of the products on her Instagram story, Kim was deciphered by her daughter North and her cousin Penelope.

On Wednesday, on Instagram, the celebrity recorded reports on which she promoted the cosmetic box. As Kardashianka started her relationship with a greeting with fans, suddenly little North’s voice came from far away and asked:

– Why do you say otherwise?

– Why do I say otherwise, huh? Kim asked.

– For your movies.

I am the same man in the movies. I do not say otherwise. How can I say otherwise? Do you think I say differently when I’m recording?

Kim asked the North cousins, and immediately heard a nod.

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The children’s celebrity asked.

On this North, imitating her mother, tried to explain to her how much she changed her voice while recording. At which her cousin burst out laughing.

Undeterred by the girls’ comments, the celebrity continued recording.

Do you think Kim will consider the fact that she has been publicly exposed?

You can see the recording: HERE

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