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If nail stretching has been a success for many years, at short nails start stealing the show for a while now. Since 2020, with the closing of beauty salons, many women have taken on their natural nails and sporadically put on stretches. Approves? In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian stated, “I can no longer wear long fingernails“.

Kim Kardashian — Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian

Fact is that nail stretching requires not only money, but time to be performed, and can take hours to be performed. That’s why Kardashian bets on press-on stretching for an event or campaign: “I usually just wear it for one night.”

Kim is not the only celebrity to give up stretching and super long nails. Below, we show you eight other celebs who always bet on short nails:

Virginia — Photo: Instagram @virgínia

The internet icon doesn’t give up her straight and fingertip nails.

Olivia Rodrigo — Photo: Instagram @oliviarodrigo

The singer does not use stretching to avoid getting in the way when playing an instrument.

Manu Gavassi — Photo: Instagram @manugavassi

Another one that you will rarely see with long nails, Manu Gavassi also avoids using the stretches because of the music.

Bruna Marquezine — Photo: Instagram @brunamarquezine

Despite using elongated nails, Bru is not afraid to show up with them short.

Maisa — Photo: Instagram @maisa

The actress proves that short nails are just as cool and can receive nail arts just as amazing! Despite being a fan of stretching, when she has natural nails, Maisa does not give up glitter and nail designs.

Jade Picon — Photo: Instagram @jadepicon

Another fan of stretching, Jade also proves that she holds her nails short and usually files them in a rectangular shape, just above her fingertips.

Sadie Sink — Photo: Instagram @sadisink_

The “Stranger Things” actress is rarely seen with her fingernails above her fingertips.

Julia Dalavia — Photo: Instagram @juliadalavia

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