Kim Kardashian’s children wrapped her around their finger. Star…

The famous celebrity told about her parenting methods in the latest interview. Or rather about the lack of them, because – as Kardashian admitted – she very often meets the whims of her children. “When they ask for something, such as sweets, they look at me with that pleading look, and I immediately give up and give in,” she said. She added, however, that she has been working on being more firm and learning to say no for some time.

Kim Kardashian is the mother of four children: 8-year-old North, 5-year-old Saint, 3-year-old Chicago and 2-year-old Psalm. Now, in an interview with the parent magazine “Parents”, the famous celebrity decided to reveal the secret and reveal to the fans how she brings up her children. She also revealed what her strengths and weaknesses were as a mother. A skill she admits she needs to work on is the art of refusing. For whenever children ask her for something, she immediately fulfills their wishes.

“I spoil them too much. When they ask for something, e.g. for sweets, they look at me with that pleading gaze, and I immediately give up and succumb. For some time, however, I have been working on becoming a slightly stricter parent and learning to say + no +. I know I should be more strict. Maintaining order in their rooms, especially wardrobes, is also a problem. This is by far the hardest part of caring for them, ”Kardashian honestly admitted.

While Kim considers assertiveness to be her Achilles’ heel, patience is one feature that makes her proud. “I belong to very quiet people which translates into my motherhood. I am neither stressed nor impatient, which is very handy when you are raising a couple of years old. Patience is such a superpower of mine. I also make sure that my children are as often as possible outdoors, and I’m good at inventing creative activities for them “- the celebrity revealed.

Taking care of four kids is a dream come true for Kardashians and an inexhaustible source of life satisfaction. “There is something absolutely unique about having a large family, so I am delighted that my children can experience it. Observing them, I remember growing up with Kourtney, Khloé and Rob. I am glad to see how well they get along, how much love they show for each other. It’s wonderful to be able to watch them unfold. Being a mother is great, motherhood has made my life complete “- confessed the celebrity. (PAP Life)

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