Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Turns Her Into “Mummy Minion”; watch

Kim Kardashian's Daughter Turns Her Into

Kim Kardashian’s Daughter Turns Her into “Mummy Minion” in Video (Photo: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian proved that she is a fun mother by leaving her daughter, North West, paint her as a minion, the helpers of the protagonist of the children’s animation “Despicable Me”. In a video posted on the duo’s joint TikTok account, they showed the transformation process and entertained their followers.

“Mummy Minion”, they wrote in the caption of the publication. In the video, North is out of the picture and, after applying a light foundation, covers her mother’s face with yellow makeup. She then draws a pair of glasses around Kim’s eyes, just like the characters, and finishes off by dyeing the “The Kardashians” star’s lips blue. Watch below:

Recently, during an interview on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, Kim revealed that her eldest daughter, from her marriage to Kanye West, is obsessed with makeup, especially related to special effects. She then recalled a story about the child’s abilities:

“I got a teacher to show her around and get all the supplies. So she wanted to teach her friends and we took about eight kids, eight girls, and went camping in the desert. dummy. She gave it a whirl and taught her friends how to make special effects wounds and scars. She’s really good at it,” he boasted.

However, one of North’s artistic pranks almost turned into a police case: “She decided not just to prank me with Chicago [segunda filha de Kim e Kanye], but made the whole room look like a murder scene. I bathed the kids but I was too tired to clean the whole room and they would have to do that but they had to get ready to go to bed and school,” she said.

“So I waited until the next morning to clean up. But I had to run out and go to school. The maid came and tried to call the authorities and the owner of the house thinking it was a real murder scene. I had to let them know. them that it was just a joke and my kids were doing special effects makeup”, concluded the socialite.

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