Kim Kardashian’s outfit from the MET Gala is a perfect costume for… HALLOWEEN! What is the price?

Kim Kardashian
Author: EllenTube / Ferrari Press / East News

Kim Kardashian’s outfit in which she appeared at the MET Gala caused a great deal of confusion. He was talked about long after the event was over. Kim also gladly mentioned him. The subject of the controversial outfit does not go silent, but it is revived. According to some, it is the perfect disguise for… HALLOWEEN!

Halloween is fast approaching, so if you don’t have an idea for a disguise, a certain company is out for you. You remember the outfit Kim Kardashian from the MET gala? Yes, the one in which the celebrity was masked from head to toe.

Well, a similar outfit can be worn on Halloween. The Yandy company, which specializes in, inter alia, in lingerie, bathing suits and women’s Halloween costumes, she decided to create something literally like the stars.

This is how the styling of Kim Kardashian from the MET gala was created. “T-shirt from head to toe”

In the company’s online store, you can find a Halloween costume that resembles the one she was dressed in at the last great Kardashianka event. You can buy the whole set, of course, including the face mask.

Price? $ 99.99.

Dark and dark, show off your curves like an A-list celebrity in this exclusive Mystery Gala Guest costume with a translucent black dress, see-through cape, breathable mask, black tights and long satin gloves.

– was the product description.

So what, any willing? xD

HOT 20 Radio ESKA – listing 24/09/2021

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