Kim Kardashian’s statement about Kate Middleton

Most recently, Kanye West’s wife gave an interview on the podcast “We Are Supported By” in which she recalled the traumatic experiences of her pregnancy with her first child, daughter North.

Kardashian recalled bitterly.

The situation was not helped by the daily comments about her appearance in the press. The 40-year-old was then suffering from pregnancy eclampsia (eclampsia), which causes a large swelling in the pregnant woman and a general malaise. Unfortunately, the media was insensitive to the star’s health problems and cruelly ridiculed her weight.

It turns out, however, that Kim was most unhappy indirectly through Kate Middleton, who was also in her first pregnancy with Prince George at the same time! The celebrity and the duchess were often compared to each other during this period, and Prince William’s wife was praised for her slim figure even in a blessed state.

– confessed daughter Kris Jenner. The situation was so distressing for her that she was ashamed of going to the gym, and instead exercised stealthily in her mom’s garage. These difficult experiences meant that two of the four children of Kardashianki were already born by a surrogate.

It is worth recalling that Kate also had health problems during her pregnancies – she suffered from “unrestrained vomiting of pregnant women”, which caused future mothers to lose a lot in the first trimester. However, as you can guess, the affliction is very uncomfortable.

Do you feel sorry for Kim for these comparisons?

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