Kimberly Flores Lowers the Zipper and Exposes Her Curves Very Closely

The beautiful fitness model surprised her fans on social media by showing off her dreamy body with a risky look and took the opportunity to send a strong message to her detractors

Kimberly Flores, the famous fitness model, once again left all users with their mouths open on social networks after posting an attractive image on her Instagram profile, with which she won the glances of her loyal fans by showing off her body of dream with a risky look and took the opportunity to send a strong message to his detractors.

As everyone knows, since the relationship that the beautiful Guatemalan woman had with the singer of Trakalosa de Monterrey became known, she has been involved in one or another scandal on several occasions due to the strong criticism she has received from some Internet users.

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However, the beautiful businesswoman has been able to put into practice the saying of “To foolish words, deaf ears”, since it is not important how negative or malicious the messages that her critics send her every day to her digital platforms, she Most of the time he does not answer, but with his most recent publication nothing was kept silent.

This time, the interpreter of “Better I stay alone” shared a shocking photograph through her personal account on the camera’s social network, where she was seen with an explicit pose that transmitted her message loud and clear to millions of users Because with his index finger placed on his lips, he ordered them all to shut up. 

“Maturing is taking care of what you say, respecting what you hear and meditating on what you are silent,” was how Kimberly Flores began the text that she placed in the description of her publication, in which she was also impacted by the extravagant look she wore in the snapshot.

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In this postcard, the beautiful youtuber was encouraged to model a bulky short jacket in black with the zipper down that allowed to contemplate the pronounced neckline and her sweeping curves, but what captured the attention was the cross of silver gems that she wore on her face ..

“Remember: The ignorant attack with his mouth, the wise man defends himself in silence,” added Edwin Luna’s wife in the publication, which so far has managed to attract the attention of a large number of netizens, as it is about to surpass the 24 thousand reactions of I like you in the shape of a little red heart from his loyal fans.

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