‘Kimi – Someone listening’ the review of the new film by Soderbergh

Premiered at Noir Film Festival , Kimi – Someone listening’ of Steven Soderbergh with the script of David Koepp

The synopsis of ‘Kimi – Someone listening’

An agoraphobic “tape interpreter” discovers a murder in an audio broadcast. To find the culprit she will have to leave the ‘comfort zone’ that is her home after years of seclusion.

The review ‘Kimi – Someone listening’ at the Noir Film Festival

How many of you speak daily with the warm voice of Siri, for some the only company present for days, a true friend who solves problems? Here on this “Siri” obsession which, (in the film, becomes ‘Kimi’), that is, dependence on robotics, the director builds his idea which, if enriched and aggravated by a pandemic where forced closure, makes everyone more autistic and alone, it clearly flows and gets the interest of the onlookers.

Always original Soderbergh, he knows how to fly a moment further than expected and before the others. She had done it with ‘Contagion’ where years in advance, about 10, she had predicted and filmed the bat pandemic. Now with the good Kravitz manages to make credible the disadvantage that computers take on us and, with them, those who sell them. Willing to do anything for the money. Here you exploit the relationship between man and technology which, like a fork, expands more and more and strikes the interest of sociologists and psychologists, who must try to curb addictions even on the very young

‘Kimi – Someone Listening’ Steven Soderbergh

A computer scientist and agoraphobic is working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a voice recording she discovers a violent crime: she decides to show the evidence to her company, but not everything goes as planned.

A few words about the visionary director

Steven Soderbergh is a director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer and editor. Almost clairvoyant, with his Contagion, an unmissable film especially after the pandemic that the film anticipated exactly how it happened, by at least 10 years, Soderbergh always leaves his mark. He recently directed No Sudden Move And Let Them All Talk. With the amazing television movie, Behind The Candelabrawon a Emmy Award for director in 2013.

Previously he was awarded a Oscars for Best Director with Traffic (2000) and the Palme d’Or in Cannes in 1989 with his first work Sex, Lies, and Videotapes.

The cast of ‘Kimi – Someone listening’

Zoë Kravitz (Angela Childs) Derek DelGaudio (Bradley Hasling) Jacob Vargas (thug with glasses), Byron Bowers (Terry Hughes) Robin Givens (Angela’s mother), Rita Wilson (Natalie Chowdhury) Jaime Camil (Antonio Rivas) Charles Halford (high hooligan), Erika Christensen (Samantha Gerrity) Devin Ratray (Kevin)


The film makes use of several producers including David Koepp e Michael Polaire. The productions Warner Bros Pictures New Line Cinema. The broadcaster is Sky

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