King Bowdoin Stadium: An unfit venue to host major international concerts

Like Shaddocks, you have to put pumps in the toilets…

However, the most disqualifying thing is not there, since it is true that Mylène Farmer went on stage more than an hour late on the announced program. What lives in the throat is above all infrastructure. We are sitting badly in this stadium! The “seats” are ridiculously small and uncomfortable. And the audience is pressed against each other. After less than half an hour the pain in the buttocks was gone. All with knees that go almost to chin height, without being huge (1m80, in this case). Better that the concert, or match, or event be excellent so as not to remember his “armchair” torture more than the pleasure we got from seeing what we came for. What is the regret of not choosing the pit…

To be honest, we breathed a sigh of relief after going to the bathroom. Which is to say, it is far better for us to sit in the sanitarium! You know, those thermo-molded plastic mobile toilets. Because yes, for the Mylène Farmer concert, these were the only accessible toilets. You have to leave the enclosure to get there. You were told to pump to flush. Same thing for washing your hands. out all. Beautiful view when it rains! We cannot dare to imagine the plight of the people in the pit. Despite his Golden Square ticket, he was also entitled to a few sanitisers fighting a duel…

Amsterdam, Lille, Frankfurt: many more welcome options

King Bowdoin Stadium isn’t eligible to host concerts – in the least – because it’s completely out of date. For the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam, the Pierre Mauroy Stadium in Lille or the participation in Frankfurt, there are no photos. In each of these enclosures, you are at least properly seated and entitled to sanitary facilities worthy of the name, all without giving the impression of entering a “ruined” concrete setting in Mad Max. It doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but it changes everything in terms of user experience.

Is the decision severe or unfair? We invite you to attend a concert at one of these stadiums or even at the Stade de France, so you can decide for yourself.

And if there’s anyone to blame in this whole story, it’s the staff present for the Mylène Farmer concert on Saturday evening. He was welcoming, friendly and always there to guide you with a smile. When something is good, it should also be highlighted!

the day belgium will do away with the mega concert

When we love, don’t we count the “suffering”? Perhaps. Still, one has to wonder how long the public will continue to come to see artists who charge a lot of tickets – think of the Rolling Stones and the 489 Euros that some people paid for a seat when in Amsterdam or Stockholm it was necessary to pay less to get better seating or … – would such welcoming conditions be accepted? And as a result, one has to wonder whether major world tours like Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, The Weeknd or Rammstein will make stops here in the future. Because there is a danger of offering an obsolete infrastructure as the only place of reception: to be deprived of these events, quite simply.

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