King Charles expands the list of “viceroys” to cut out the princes Harry and Andrea-

The king would have devised a solution that should prevent the princes from being humiliated by being “degraded”. The idea would be to expand the list of State Councilors

The list of “viceroys” is the most urgent issue that King Charles must face at the beginning of his reign. Because in that list of people who can replace the sovereign in official functions, when he is abroad or sick, there are also princes Harry and Andrea
: and the idea that those two sign documents in the name of the Crown or receive the credentials of the ambassadors has raised quite a few perplexities.

On the basis of the Act of Regency, in addition to the spouse, the four first heirs over the age of 21 replace the king as Councilors of State: therefore at the present time the “viceroys” are Camilla, William, Harry, Andrea and his daughter Beatrice. But Diana’s younger son has fled to California with his wife Meghan and is at war with the royal family, while Carlo’s brother has been banned from public life after getting embroiled in the sex scandal following his friendship with the pedophile tycoon. Jeffrey Epstein.

So already on Monday the question was raised in the House of Lords: but Carlo would have come up with a solution that should avoid Harry and Andrea the humiliation of being “degraded”. The king’s idea is to expand the list of Councilors of State to include the other two children of Queen Elizabeth, Anna and Edoardo: in this way it should be easier to avoid having to resort to the two principles in disgrace. The problem is urgent, because Carlo and Camilla intend to travel a lot and therefore most of the burden of the regency would fall to William: but what if he too is busy? Hence, the services of Anna and Edoardo must be made available immediately. To do this, however, an amendment to the Act of Regency is needed, which must pass through Parliament and also be approved by the government: but the neo-premier Rishi Sunak already has enough pits to peel on his behalf.

But time is running out: the goal is to put the reform to ground by the date of the first trip of Carlo and Camilla, scheduled for the beginning of next year.. But the start of 2023 already promises to be bumpy for the British monarchy: on January 10, Harry’s memoir will finally be published, which it is feared could be explosive. In reality, the launch of the volume, originally scheduled for this fall, was postponed precisely because the prince asked to make last-minute changes, after Elizabeth’s death: Harry was scared at the idea of ​​causing further trauma in the family with its revelations. A back and forth with the publishing house, Penguin, followed: but now the final version will come to light. And we will see some good ones.

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