King Charles hires his cousin (Margaret’s son) to keep scandals at bay –

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David Linley, son of Lord Snowdon and ex of Christie’s, ready to take the lead of the king’s charities. In the meantime, the St Edward crown was taken from the Tower of London to prepare it for King Charles III

King Charles chose the son of Margaret — Queen Elizabeth’s sister who went down in history for the love denied by reasons of state — as her new contact person for the management of the many charities which over the years the Prince of Wales Charles has created to support thousands of initiatives, often in favor of the most disadvantaged young people.

In fact, Carlo asked his cousin David Linley, second Earl of Snowdon after the death of his father, first Earl of Snowdon, Antony Armstrong-Jones, to take over the reins of the Princes’s Foundation, the heart of all of Charles’s charity and social commitment activities. An enormous job, the one carried out over the years by the Prince of Wales, stained for the last few months by some scandals related to its donors.

So much so that Carlo immediately wanted to alienate the people to whom he had trusted for years for the management of charity. And now she chooses a cousin, to whom she is very close.

We understand then why Linley — who has led Christie’s over the years and he has also opened his own furniture line — he resigned from David Linley Furniture in the early autumn.

Even with this move, the king confirms that he wants to handle the Firm of the Windsors with the style of a shrewd company manager. As often happens in the business world, when an external manager turns out to be unfaithful to the family network, of the founders, that he draws on.

Not to mention that Carlo is already surrounded by Anna, the workaholic sister and Edward, the younger brother: in short, a real home team. A choice that also says how much – beyond the tensions for Margaret’s youthful love for Peter Townsend who she was unable to marry – the princess and the queen and their children have always been very close. And it was David’s father, Lord Snowdon to whom Charles’s cousin resembles like a drop of water, taking many of the most beautiful images of Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, with acovert operationliterally, the most famous crown in the worldthe St Edward Crown so called because it refers to the last Anglo-Saxon ruler of England, Edward the Confessor, and with which English sovereigns are crowned, been removed from the Tower of London, the fort in which the Crown Jewels have been kept for centuries, to transfer it to an equally secret place so that it can be adapted to the head of the new king, Charles III. The last time it was used was in fact 1953 when it rested on the small nape of the twenty-seven-year-old Queen Elizabeth. With its almost 500 set gems, the crown had been made in 1661 for another Charles, Charles II, after the original had been melted down in 1649 in defiance of the monarchy.

As for Camilla’s crown, it remains uncertain whether Charles will want to use the crown worn by the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon for her coronation alongside King George VI or whether he will find an alternative given the controversy over the Koh-i-Noor, the fabulous diamond over 105 carats disputed by India.

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