KL Klaksvik of the Faroe Islands soon in the Champions League?

A club that Europe discovered on July 19th. According to reference site Transfermarkt, the Faroese squad has an estimated net worth of €2.7 million and Ferencvaros an estimated €49 million.

This team is semi-professional. Arni Fredriksberg, who scored two goals and one shot on goal in the previous round, is also the CEO of Kjolbro Heilsola. His company imports food products from suppliers in the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. That’s what we learn in a portrait dedicated to him on the Eurosport website. The city of Claxwick is located in one of the northernmost islands of the archipelago and has a population of not even 100,000.

Still a long way to go to reach the group stage of the Champions League

Arnie Fredericksberg’s dream will be to face Liverpool. Unfortunately, this season, Liverpool has not qualified for the Champions League. He believes that Real Madrid would also be good. But to get there, we still have to eliminate Norwegian champions Molde from tonight and in the first leg, the club that released Manchester City striker Erling Haaland.

In the UEFA Club Ranking, Klaxvik is ranked 169ᵉ, Molde 70ᵉ. And then, in the event of qualifying, it would still be necessary to win a subsequent jump-off. Whatever it is, it’s already the most beautiful epic for a Faroese club.

Tonight the match will be played at the 5000-seat National Stadium in the capital Torshavn. And the club has only passed the qualifying round of the Champions League once in its history. This was in the summer of 2020. But because Slovan Bratislava could not play due to the Covid pandemic.

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