Klaudia Antos about cooperation with Jennifer Lopez. How is it privately?

Juror You Can Dance Klaudia Antos talked about cooperation and acquaintance with Jennifer Lopez. Who is one of the biggest and most inaccessible stars in the world? The Polish woman had the opportunity to get to know her well.

Jennifer Lopez it is a brand in itself. The singer has built a real empire on her name. She sings, dances, plays in movies, runs a cosmetics business, and regularly appears in the campaigns of the largest clothing brands. It’s just everywhere. No wonder that only the best work with it. The group of distinguished includes a Polish woman – Klaudia Antos.

Klaudia Antos about cooperation and acquaintance with Jennifer Lopez. How is it privately?

We will see her as a juror in September You Can Dance. During a promotional meeting with journalists, Klaudia answered a few questions from the reporter Jastrząb Post. Among other things, she revealed how Jennifer Lopez is privately. What does it look like to work with one of the most powerful stars in the world of show business?

She is demanding, she is very nice, but she is a titan of work. He also requires this from his dancers. There is no mercy – Antos calculated.

J.Lo proved at the first meeting that there is no reduced fare in cooperation with her. During training, she can beat like no other, but the effects are insane, as evidenced by the show she gave at the Super Bowl. It was then that Klaudia Antos accompanied her on stage:

I remember she was in the first training session and was in every training session that followed. Each training session was very strong, each intense. There is only hard work and concentration. Focusing on the fact that in 3 months we will be on the biggest stage in the world, so there was a lot to fight for.

What does Klaudia and Jennifer’s relationship look like on a daily basis? Do they ever talk privately with each other?

It’s not like you are in contact with these types of people. The moment you do the job, you are actually focused on what you are going to do at the moment. If you are outside, then everyone focuses on their lives, on their responsibilities and, in fact, on their further work.

At each training session before Super Bowl, J. Lo was accompanied by his then-fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, with whom she parted at the beginning of the year:

The family was always on trial and they supported her wholeheartedly. In terms of both a man of life and children. They were there every day, supporting and advising. It is also amazing that she took their opinion very seriously. She did not count only on the opinion of professional people, but also of their loved ones, what they thought about it. It was cool.

All conversation below:

J.Lo’s appearance at the Super Bowl:

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