Klaudia Antos revealed the truth about working with Jennifer Lopez. They ate … donuts together

Klaudia Antos made herself known to the audience thanks to the jurors in the new TVP program “You Can Dance – New Generation”. The year before, she had attracted media attention after appearing with Jennifer Lopez on half-time during a Super Bowl match in 2018. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to a dancer and ask her about cooperation with J.Lo. Talking about the American superstar, however, we could not help but ask about her loud return to Ben Affleck, with whom she once created the Hollywood “power couple”.

Klaudia Antos revealed the truth about Jennifer Lopez. How is it privately?

Klaudia Antos, when asked about the return of Jennifer Lopez to Ben Affleck, stated:

We asked the dancer what Jennifer Lopez really is. Klaudia Antos admitted in an interview with a Plejada reporter that she got in touch with the singer and actress.

– When there were some breaks, you know, everyone tried to catch their moment to rest, but there were also many different moments, when, for example, invited us to some food trucks, she sat with us and ate stupid donuts. She tried to establish a loose, nice relationship with us at every moment, not only at work, but also at every possible break – recalls Klaudia Antos.

The “You Can Dance” juror on TVP also explained to us what Jennifer Lopez is at work.

You can find the entire video at the top of the page.

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