Knives Out, Ana De Armas was about to say no to the film with Daniel Craig

The official trailer for Knives Out 2 was released just under a month ago and the wait for the release of the film, starring Daniel Craig, is getting smaller and smaller. Ana De Armas has also returned to talk about the project, with a interesting detail about his role in the first chapter of 2019.

The first Knives Out has been out for 3 years now and for the role that made Cuban actress Ana De Armas known all over the world, there were many doubts and perplexities.

The actress, now on everyone’s lips for her divisive performance by Marilyn Monroe in Blonde, the male chauvinist and cruel portrait of the Hollywood icon diva, he told a background on the Dinner with Crime directed by Rian Johnson.

Ana De Armas was, in fact, for reject the role of Marta Cabrera and to the Today Show microphones he explained the reason for his skepticism, so strong that not wanting to even show up at the audition: “I was shooting another movie. The description of the character was ‘Latin caregiver, pretty’, something like that. I had a scene. I said to myself: ‘I’ve heard it before.’ A nurse? No. And I kept saying, ‘No, no, no.’ Really, because I was in the middle of filming. Until they told me: ‘Ok, we’ll send you the script’. And as soon as I read it I thought, ‘Oh my God, I have to send this tape right away. I can’t miss this part“.

Armas’s initial skepticism shouldn’t surprise us. The character description of her was on the vain andante and, for a long time, to Latin actresses the offering of roles has hovered around clich√© figures like the nurse or the housekeeper. Fortunately, the actress agreed to take part in the film, which with the enormous success of her then gave theopportunity to be able to make a follow-up.

Knives Out 2 will be released on Netflix on December 23rd!

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