Known as the ‘butt guru’, Brazilian claims the British Kardashians tabloid

According to the ‘guru’, the famous butts with fat grafts and implants cost a total of US $ 80,000

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has faced rumors of everything from insuring her beloved butt for $21 million (unconfirmed) to getting glute implants (firmly denied). In an interview with The Sun, the Brazilian holistic therapist. Also known as the “butt guru”, Vanessa Paula, 38, gave her opinion on the figures of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters – in an exclusive chat. See their reviews below.

Kim Kardashian: US$ 24,200

“It appears Kim has silicone implants (which cost up to US$15,000 and must be replaced every 10 years).

“Recently, she came out with a smaller butt, but I think she had implants before.

“I can’t see any definition of the musculature, but it looks like there are body fat applications as well. Something like liposculpture (costs up to US$9,200).”

Kourtney Kardashian: US$ 12,000

“43-year-old Kourtney’s ass looks more natural than her sisters.


“But I believe she must have had a fat graft to give it a little more volume (which costs up to US$12,000).”

Khloé Kardashian: $ 27,000

“ Khloe, 38, has visible cellulite, so I believe she may have opted for a fat graft (US$12,000) and a silicone implant (US$15,000) as well.

“Usually, when fat is applied to the butt, the appearance and amount of cellulite increases.


“And in the pictures I saw of her, the cellulite showed up really well.”

Kendall Jenner: $ 15,000

“26-year-old Kendall’s butt looks more natural, but in some pictures it looks like there are silicone implants (cost US$15,000).


“If applicable, the procedure is subtle, with a natural appearance.”

Kylie Jenner: US$ 2,500


“I believe 25-year-old Kylie has also done cosmetic work on her butt. However, her skin looks smoother, I didn’t notice cellulite in the pictures.


“She may have done the blood plasma method, which is in vogue and has good results (cost US$2,500).

“It involves taking the patient’s own blood, turning it into plasma and reinjecting it into the patient’s buttocks.”

Vanessa is a holistic therapist, massage therapist and creator of “Bumbum Brasil 180º”, a method that increases and defines the butt naturally and without needles.

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