Kobayashi won for the twentieth time! Stoch was promoted after the second round, but was not satisfied

The third World Cup competition this season and the third time the Polish team played only two representatives in the second series. Dawid Kubacki finished the competition in Finland in 33rd place. This means that he has not qualified for the second round for the second time in a row. The last time such a situation took place in … 2015. Also not promoted to TOP 30: Aleksander Zniszczoł (37), Andrzej Stękała (38) and Jakub Wolny, who was 47. Kamil Stoch jumped the best of the Poles, who was 13, although it seems that he was a bit late in the breakout. from the threshold. Piotr ¯y³a was 24. After the first round, Anze Lanisek was the leader, followed by Ryoyu Kobayashi and Timi Zajc.

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What happened in the second series?

Żyła reached 120.5 meters. Not only the distance did not impress anyone, but also the style left a lot to be desired. However, he managed to improve his position. He finished Saturday’s competition in 23rd place. Stoch, on the other hand, looked unhappy after his 128 meter jump. However, he could have been happy with the fact that he was promoted to eighth place, because later many jumpers spoiled their attempts.

Piotr Żyła during the competition in Niżny TagilMałysz absolutely judges the poor start of the Żyły season. “It starts again”

Ryoyu Kobayashi showed a phenomenal jump, who jumped 143 meters. The Japanese jumped again as in the 18/19 season and won his 20th World Cup competition. Lanisek, who led the first round, landed at 140 meters, which brought him down to second place. Markus Eisenbichler also stood on the podium.

General classification of the World Cup

Kobayashi moved up to second place in the World Cup general classification, ahead of Halvor Egner Granerud, absent on Saturday, who was eliminated in qualifying. The loss to leader Karl Geiger is 45 points.

Stoch has 77 points and is eleventh, and Żyła 25 (23 points).

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