Kobe Bryant, Endless Legacy Beyond Basketball and NBA Halftime

kobe ​​bryantone of the greatest glories in basketball history, NBAHe arrived this Wednesday at the age of 45 and was supposed to be happily retired with his family, but he was certainly working on a project, but he suffered an unfortunate plane crash with his daughter. Gianna Arrested in California on January 26, 2020 “Black Mamba”’ was still left.

As with many unexpected deaths of stars of this magnitude, their deaths only added to public interest. LegendAnd while he’s no longer with us, he’s more alive than ever in fans’ memories thanks to the immense legacy he left behind on and off the court.

Why is Kobe Bryant so great?

was born in PhiladelphiaKobe already had basketball in his family, as his father, Joe, was a basketball pro. NBABut my son’s talent took everything to a new level. His ability was evident from an early age, and he made history in high school, becoming the tournament’s leading scorer. Lower Merrion Laboratories The number was revoked from Ardmore.

Since then, he has come to the attention of recruiters, with Kobe “skipping” college and stepping straight into college. NBA He became the sixth player in history to achieve such a record without going through this period, and thus the youngest player to make his debut in the world’s best basketball in 1996.

Adopter Charlotte Hornets He was drafted 13th overall that year and was drafted immediately. lakersThere, he played all 20 seasons of his professional career, averaging a staggering 25 points, 5.2 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game.

Since then, Bryant has shown youthful magic and was soon inundated with comparisons to him. Michael Jordan But he’s a former player with whom great friendships have developed, and he’s responsible for shaping his own history and leading a generation by leading the Los Angeles franchise to five championships. I was. NBA With two periods, the first period is Shaquille O’Neal And the second is the best solo reference (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010).

Like all great idols, he is remembered for his great games, including scoring 81 away goals in the 2006 season. bird of preyIt was his second best performance in history, meaning retirement day, when he added 60 units in a matchup. jazz. Additionally, he won the Classic Duel eight times with the final shot and horn of the match.

Aside from his jersey with the Lakers, he has only defended one other jersey in his career, and it was a Lakers jersey. american teamin which he, along with other stars, regained his glory by winning gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.

“Big” off the field

His contribution to the Lakers would have been enough to make anyone love him. Kobe Not content with this, he sought to help the community by doing social and altruistic work.

Some examples include the millions of dollars raised by the “Stand Up to Cancer” foundation, the “Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation” program that helps homeless children. angelsalso offers ‘Mamba Academy Sports’ to assist in sports training for all ages.

His image was used by a video game developer EA Sports He has appeared on the covers of many editions of his products and won an Oscar for the documentary “Dear Basketball” which reflected his great love for burst sports.

black mamba mentality

Kobe has written books such as: “Mamba Mentality”In it, he reflects his competitive spirit and philosophy of life, emphasizing one of his great strengths: mental control.

In the text, the escort lakers Emphasizes your ambitions, your desire for success, and the importance of hard work. sports Here’s a look back at his sports career with some examples of the obstacles he had to overcome along the way and what he learned from each challenge.

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