KOGE – JUVENTUS 1-1 – The game ends here. Pokorny calls, Nilden answers. Everything will be decided at Moccagatta

90 ‘+ 3 THE GAME ENDS HERE. Pokorny calls, Nilden answers. Everything will be decided at Moccagatta.

90 ‘Three minutes of recovery

88 ‘Warning for Lenzini who stops Carusa’s restart in midfield

86 ‘Last changes for Juve: inside Rosucci and Duljan, outside Caruso and Zamanian

83 & # 39; Juve opportunity: Boattin tunnel, ball that ends up in Pedersen who pulls from the edge and forces Skiba to take refuge for a corner

79 & # 39; Change in Juve: Girelli enters in place of Grosso

69 & # 39; Juve opportunity: Beerensteyn’s feint and counter-finish who bypasses the opponent’s defense and goes to the shot and forces Skiba to make a great intervention

65 & # 39; Cernoia tries on a free kick: shot out

60 ‘Double change for Juventus: inside Beerensteyn and Pedersen, outside Bonfantini and Caruso

53 ‘Thrill for the Juventus rearguard: Koge hits the crossbar with Marcussen

46 ‘The second half begins

45 ‘+ 1 THE FIRST HALF ENDS HERE. Nilden replies to Pokorny. Enterprising Bianconere in the first half final.

44 ‘First half final in black and white colors with Montemurro’s team pushing in search of the advantage

42 & # 39; Juve again! Another shot from distance, this time Grosso tries: shot that ends up by a breath

41 ‘Zamanian tries again from distance, shot just a little high

36 ‘Zamanian shoots directly on goal, no problem for Skiba

35 ‘Free kick from an interesting position for Juventus for a foul on Cernoia

29 ‘Total balance on the pitch between the two teams in this phase of the match

21 ‘GOAL OF JUVE: Boattin finds Zamanian free who puts in the middle for Nilden who scores the equal header goal!

16 & # 39; Ball turn of Juve looking for the right opening in the defense of Koge

8 & # 39; Goal of Koge: Pokorny unlocks the game, Danes ahead. Carusa overcomes the Juventus defense and puts in the middle for Pokorny who supports in the net.

3 ‘Boattin immediately tries with the left-handed! Corner for the bianconere

1 ‘The match begins

17:40 Right leg discomfort for Gunnarsdottir during warm-up. Caruso will play in his place.


Koge (4-5-1): Skiba; Faerge, Svendsen, Norheim, Obaze, Marcussen; Pokorny, Jankovska, Uhre Nielsen, Floe Nielsen; Carusa.

Herds Randa-Boldt

Juventus (4-3-3): Peyraud-Magnin; Nilden, Lenzini, Sembrant, Boattin; Caruso, Zamanian, Grosso; Bonfantini, Cantore, Cernoia.

All. Montemurro available April, Forcinella, Pedersen, Rosucci, Girelli, Lundorf, Beerensteyn, Caruso, Salvai, Arcangeli, Pfattner, Duljan

Referee: Demetrescu

Away to Koge’s home for Juventus Women, first leg match of the second qualifying round of the Champions League. The goal of Montemurro’s team is to come out with a positive result in view of the return match at home.

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