Kojima Had to Make Leaflets to Push His Game

Solid Snake’s dad started from the bottom, as each of us.

Over the years, Hideo Kojima has become one of the most popular Japanese authors in the world of video games.

In fact, his are masterpieces such as the Metal Gear Solid saga or the more recent Death Stranding, which will also receive a Director’s Cut on PS5, among other things.

Just in these days, Kojima-san has revealed an interesting background on the latest trailer, declaring that he was not the one who made it.

After all, the Japanese histrionic author also made it known that he never liked the Director’s Cut wording for his game due out later this year.

Now, through his Twitter profile (via Kotaku ), Hideo Kojima has let himself go to some “confessions” about the beginning of his career, recounting a couple of episodes that took place in his youth.

Among these, also an all too practical way to boost sales of the first Metal Gear released on MSX-2.

In the summer of my 23rd year my first game, Metal Gear , was released . Since it wasn’t on the NES, there were no commercials on TV, and it wasn’t sold in the toy section, it was very busy at the time; since it was released on MSX, it was placed in the PC software section of electronics stores.

The MSX and MSX2 were in fact home computers manufactured by Sony, purchased mainly in Japan, which ran a version of Microsoft’s DOS.

Metal Gear was released on MSX in July 1988, five months before it was ported to the Famicom. As such, it has received less of a spotlight within Japanese stores.

“So, I went to the store every day, took flyers, and distributed them to people around me. I also bought three copies of the software myself, ”Kojima explained.

Extraordinarily, Kojima also told a second anecdote, set more than a year later but appearing almost identical to the previous story.

In the winter of my 25th year, my second game (ADV) was released. Since it wasn’t on the NES, there were no commercials on TV and it wasn’t sold in the crowded toy shops and department stores of the time.

“ADV” can only refer to Snatcher, Kojima’s 1988 sci-fi adventure game, also released for MSX2, as well as on Nippon’s PC-8801 and home PCs. The memory concludes,

Kojima continued: “Every day I peeked into the store and turned up the volume slightly on the PC monitor that was playing a demo of the game in the store

It seems unthinkable that an author as famous and highly regarded as Solid Snake’s dad was forced early in his career to have to push his projects in this way.

Still talking about Kojima, have you already read that the author is about to close an exclusive agreement with Xbox?

A short time before, it was journalist Jeff Grubb who insisted that the agreement between the two was practically in the final stages.

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