Kojima: We Are in Crunch to Respect the Death Stranding Release

Death Stranding

On social media, Hideo Kojima reports that the software house is experiencing a crunch period for the delivery of Death Stranding

We hear more and more talk openly, fortunately, about the crunch problems affecting video game authors: it is the practice, close to the release, to push team members to the maximum limits to try to respect the deliveries of their own project. Developers have reported, for example, that they could not go home for days and slept in the office – in the gray area where the company would not expect these shifts, but where the employee still feels forced to respect them.

The result is the compromise of the health of the people who make the video games we love if these practices should last over time.

At work on  Death Stranding, even  Hideo Kojima with his new  Kojima Productionsopenly reported that, in view of the November release of the game, the software house is facing a crunch period.

«Death Stranding will have the element of something that has never existed before, the gameplay, the atmosphere of its world, the graphic sector we wanted to create. The study I did was a small independent studio, but we are doing our best to deliver the product for the November 8th launch. We are still in the development crunch phase»  were Kojima’s words, entrusted to a tweet.

Numerous messages from fans who, under the chirping, invited the game designer to postpone the release of the game for a few months, if this would help safeguard the health of those who are making it.

The candid declaration of Kojima is only the latest in a theme that has become increasingly hot in the last year: from the question linked to Rockstar – with the initial declarations of the three scriptwriters who led the way for other testimonies , from development to QA – to that of BioWare , passing by the CD Projekt RED self-report and for the recent testimonies about Naughty Dog , which are associated with the past ones made by Amy Hennig . For the moment, it seems that the crunch is still a very widespread practice, in an attempt to meet deadlines, but at least we started talking about it more openly to try to tackle the problem.

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