KOTOR Remake with a fight like God of War and NiOh? The creators are to significantly change the legendary game

KOTOR Remake was announced last year, but we haven’t received much information about the game so far. However, if you believe the latest leaks – Aspyr studio intends to completely refresh the gameplay, adding more dynamics to the production. Gameplay is to resemble the latest installments of the God of War series.

KOTOR Remake was announced last year and it has only been confirmed that the production is going to two platforms (PlayStation 5 and PC) and will be “rebuilt from scratch”. We are missing many details about the expected adventure, but MrMattyPlays shared some interesting information.

In his opinion, KOTOR Remake will depart from the turn-based combat known from the original to provide players with much more dynamic duels – During the development of the assumptions, the developers were inspired by two series: God of War and NiOh.

YouTuber mentioned that the title is supposed to have “different modes”. Earlier, an anonymous source revealed to MrMattyPlays that Aspyr is about to move away from RPG elements to focus more on the action.

It is very possible that we will witness a similar situation to Final Fantasy VII Remake – in this case, the developers have departed from turn-based duels, but players can slow down the action during the game to choose, for example, special attacks.

It’s worth mentioning that MrMattyPlays was the first to confirm when exactly the game will be revealed.

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