Kourtney Kardashian almost naked. “Bikini” is impressive

Trav and Kourt were photographed on the beach in San Fruttuoso. It was to this small town near Genoa that they went on a romantic vacation.

The couple probably hoped that no one would find them there, especially since they flew to Italy without their children.

Recently, this is their second long journey of this type. Earlier this month, they traveled from Los Angeles to Los Cabos, Mexico.

Travis Barker boarded a jet for the first time since a plane crash in 2008. Two pilots were killed then, musician Chris Baker assistant and bodyguard Charles “Che” Still.

Travis Barker and his friend Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein survived, but both struggled with the consequences of trauma and post-traumatic stress. The latter died a year after the crash from a drug overdose.

Barker suffered third degree burns. He underwent 16 operations. He has avoided air travel for over a decade. Kourt was said to have helped him overcome the fear of flying.

He spent months in therapy on post-traumatic stress disorder.

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