Kourtney Kardashian Calls Sister Kim a ‘Witch’ During Explosive Argument

Cher’s friends want her boyfriend to leave.

The 77-year-old singer reportedly shocked her friends after she was photographed holding hands with ex-boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards, 37, during a dinner date in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday.

The lovebirds split in April and haven’t been seen together in months, but they looked fine as they left Funke restaurant with Colombian singer J Balvin and his girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer. The couple was also joined by rapper Tyga.

Sources told RadarOnline.com: “Cher’s friends were shocked by the singer’s outing with AE. (Her friends) aren’t fans of AE and are really worried about where her heart is in everything. “That. They’re worried Cher will be hurt in the end and don’t want her to have to deal with nonsense at her age. Everyone thinks she should get rid of him quickly. They want him gone.”

Another insider added at the time: “It’s clear to her now that AE was probably using her all along to raise their profile.”

Another source said the problems began when Cher began recording new music with the music director.

AE was seen escorting Cher to their black SUV on Friday, and opened the door for her.

When photographers asked him if he and the singer had gotten back together, he simply smiled.

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