Kourtney Kardashian says she drinks her husband’s semen to try to conceive

the american socialite Kourtney Kardashian revealed, on the reality show ‘The Kardashians’, some controversial techniques that she adopted in a treatment to get pregnant. She and her husband Travis Barkerwho recently married, are undergoing an in vitro fertilization process and the methods revealed by the celebrity went viral on social media for being, at the very least, unusual.

After all, it’s not every day someone says they’re drinking husband’s spermFour times a week, to try to get pregnant. According to Kourtney, her doctor said that this way she would be able to balance her thyroid hormones.

Kim Kardashian’s sister also revealed that she eats quail eggs every day to boost her fertilization.

Kourtney Kardashian said on a reality show that she is drinking her husband's semen to try to conceive

Kourtney Kardashian said on a reality show that she is drinking her husband’s semen to try to conceive

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It doesn’t exist at all. There is no reason to drink the semen to improve the patient’s fertilization”, emphasizes doctor Francisco Furtado Filho, a gynecologist specializing in fertilization.

In an interview with Earth, he assures that there is no scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of drinking semen in the fertilization process. He also says he has no idea where this fake could have come from.

Balance the thyroid?

The only true part of Kourtney’s entire revelation is the need to balance every gland in the female human body. Furtado explains that, when there is any change — more, with hyperthyroidism or less, with hypothyroidism, for example — this process can prevent the patient from ovulating. If you are already pregnant, the patient may even have a miscarriage.

“It is essential that the thyroid is functioning normally, so that it does not interfere in the ovulatory process, in the process of implantation of the embryo and does not cause an abortion, for example”, explains the gynecologist.

In any case, drinking semen is not the solution. You can replace it, without fear, with a balanced diet with foods rich in fiber, iodine, selenium, zinc and copper, nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the gland. They are found in seafood, whole grains, eggs and nuts.

Quail egg every day?

Kourtney also said that she eats quail eggs every day in this fertilization process. Furtado explains that, yes, proteins are welcome during this period, but says that it does not necessarily have to be quail. It can also be chicken or duck.

“When we are going to guide a patient to improve her nutritional condition to get pregnant and have an adequate pregnancy, we try to guide her to make use of a diet basically mediterranean. Here in Brazil, we need to adapt this option,” she says.

So, the alternatives found for who wants to get pregnant are foods rich in proteins, oilseeds and olive oil.

What to avoid?

According to the gynecologist, in this situation it is necessary to avoid eating foods rich in gluten, milk and derivatives. He explains: “Gluten, sugar, milk and dairy products can somehow increase the anti-inflammatory process in our body.”

This can make it difficult for the embryo to attach to the uterus, preventing its development.

*With editing by Estela Marques.

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