Kourtney Kardashian without retouching. The paparazzi photos and those from Instagram are very different

Social media is a platform that significantly contributes to the promotion of the perfect look, often far removed from reality – whether due to aesthetic medicine or various filters applied to photos. A list that presents Kourtney Kardashain in two editions, namely while relaxing on the beach, has recently been released to the network. One photo is the one that appeared on her Instagram profile, the other is from the same situation, but was taken by the paparazzi.

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Kourtney Kardashian without retouching

An Instagram profile called “problematicfame” compiled Kardashian photos with and without retouching. In the photo that appeared on the Kardashian profile, we can see an almost “ironed” body of the model. It is smooth, firm and has not a single fold. In the second photo, Kourtney’s body is a bit more, you can also see cellulite. There is nothing wrong with that – the star in both photos looks equally phenomenal, but … why distort reality in this way and contribute to setting unattainable standards for what is attractive?

Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian photo: Instagram @problematicfame

Kourtney Kardashian in real life + on Instagram. Another reminder of the role of Photoshop, the right angle, pose and light in the Instagram photo – we read under the photo.

The answer to falsifying the true image of the body is the body positive movement, which encourages you to accept and show your corporeality in a positive light – no matter how much it differs from the “canons of beauty”. The subject of self-acceptance has recently been raised by Camila Cabello. The star went for a run in the park, and then recorded a video on TikTok with a clear message:

Fighting the body is no longer in vogue, said the former Fifth Harmony singer.

Olivia Rodrigo in a Britney Spears dressOlivia Rodrigo has the same dress as Britney Spears. Mimics a star?

Ewa Farna has a similar message among Polish stars in her work. The singer confessed in an interview with Dorota Wellman that she stopped chasing the “perfect” size a long time ago and now the most important thing for her is health and how she feels with herself. The editors of Rumor also fully support this attitude.

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