Krcina hits Lewandowski. “The stupidest move in his career” Polish national team

– I just think that during the term of office of Michał Listkiewicz, and then Grześ Lato, the PZPN would have been smashed in the media for all this hype. Because – I do not want to guess, but this is my impression – it had little to do with the pitch. “Lewy”, coming to Poland for the staff, also takes care of many different matters. The decision to organize a training camp in Spain before the match with Andorra significantly thwarted his plans, which is why he needed time before the match with Hungary – thinks Zdzisław Kręcina in an interview with “Super Express”, where he returns to the scandal with Robert Lewandowski.

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A scandal in the Polish league.  Years of Ineligibility.  He has crossed all boundariesA scandal in the Polish league. Years of Ineligibility. He has crossed all boundaries

Robert Lewandowski did not play in the match against Hungary. “Flaw in the image”

Let us recall: Lewandowski did not play in the match between Poland and Hungary in the qualifying rounds for the world championship in Qatar, because that was the decision of Paulo Sousa. The Portuguese coach decided to give the best footballer of the Polish national team off. “From October 9, Robert played 849 minutes, and in the whole season already 1438. The intensity is therefore very high. The coach and the player decided that it was a good time for Lewandowski to rest. The goal was achieved, the Polish national team will play in the 2022 world championship play-offs. “- explained in a special announcement Jakub Kwiatkowski, team manager of the national team and spokesman for the Polish national team.

Publish Grzegorz Krychowiak did not even try to hide the fact that he received a yellow card in the match against Andorra (4: 1) in order to pause in the last match of the qualifying round.

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It ended up losing 1: 2 and losing a seed before the March play-offs. And also criticism, above all, towards Lewandowski, who sat the entire match against Hungary on the bench, and later issued a bizarre statement. – Has he lost some sympathy in this way? I do not know we will see. If we advance to the World Cup, everyone will forgive him, according to the rule: let’s only look ahead. If we lose to Russia, and instead we could play against Macedonia or Austria at home, there will be acid – says Kręcina.

The incredible feat of Cristiano Ronaldo!  He broke another barrier!The incredible feat of Cristiano Ronaldo! He broke another barrier!

A flaw in the image of Robert Lewandowski

– Anyway, a flaw, and a significant one, is already on his [Lewandowskiego] immaculate so far in the context of the representative image, it appeared. In my opinion, it was the stupidest move in his entire white and red career. But for some time I was wondering about another fact: after all, this class of “grojek” can simulate an injury, create the impression that the absence is due to the state of health … it would not be at all constrained by his activity – mainly in the eyes of his representative partners. Hence, probably the official information that he got free from the coach – Kręcina wonders.

And he adds: – There is one more thing: in this whole situation I missed the official message from the president of the Polish Football Association. He was in Andorra, he probably knew the arrangements there. If he accepted it – and I cannot imagine it could happen without his approval – he should confirm this position publicly.

1/16 of the Polish Cup final.  GKS Tychy - Wisła Kraków 1: 3The fans were already thinking about overtime, but Wisła broke the promotion at the end of the match

Cezary Kulesza comments on the absence of Lewandowski

Here Kręcina is not entirely right, because Cezary Kulesza spoke about the absence of Lewandowski at, for example, where in an interview with Kacper Sosnowski and Jakub Seweryn he said: personal. As a union, we provide optimal working conditions for the entire staff and staff. When there was a need to organize a training camp in Spain, we immediately took appropriate action and did everything so that the staff could train and prepare in the best possible conditions. You can read the entire conversation here >>

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