Kręcin: this is a significant flaw in the impeccable image of Lewandowski. Bundesliga

  • Robert Lewandowski’s second place in the Golden Ball plebiscite met with a cold reception from the world of football. However, Zdzisław Kręcina has a different opinion, who would have understood if the Pole had not only not won, but even gave up his position to the European champion and the winner of the Champions League – Jorginho
  • A former PZPN activist in an interview with “Super Express” notes that the topic of the badly caused absence of the captain of the team in the match against Hungary will return when the national team plays the play-off matches for the World Cup
  • The 67-year-old also commented on the decision to hire Paulo Sousa. – The decision was hasty, which can be seen from the results … – said Kręcina
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The subject of the Golden Ball replaced the considerations on the play-offs of the Polish national team in the qualifying rounds for the World Cup. Zdzisław Kręcina, a longtime activist of the Polish Football Association, was asked about both of these issues in an interview with “Super Express”. The 67-year-old drew the attention of, among others to the fact that the approach of Polish fans to Lewandowski in the coming months will depend on the result of the national team in matches with Russia and, possibly, with another rival in the fight for a trip to the World Cup.

– If we are promoted to the World Cup, everyone will forgive him, according to the principle: “let’s only look ahead”. If we lose to Russia – and we could have played against Macedonia or Austria at home instead – there will be a “acid”. Anyway, a flaw – and a significant one – has already appeared on his impeccable image so far in the representative context. In my opinion, it was the stupidest move in his entire white and red career. For some time I was puzzled by another fact: after all, this class of “grojek” can simulate an injury, create the impression that the absenteeism is due to the state of health … He would not “clash” with such his activity – mainly in the eyes of representative partners. Hence, probably the official information that “he got free from the coach”. There is one more thing: I missed the official message from the president of the Polish Football Association in this whole situation. He was in Andorra, he probably knew the arrangements there. If he accepted it – and I can’t imagine it could happen without his approval – he should confirm this position publicly! – roars Kręcina.

The former secretary general of the Polish Football Association also commented on the results of the Golden Ball plebiscite. – For me – and I expressed it publicly on November 5 on one of the social networking sites – Leo Messi was the favorite to win the Golden Ball. Copa America, the title of the king of goalscorers and the best player of this event are specific premises, even if the overall year was not particularly special in its performance. Ba; I would also calmly accept the decision for Jorginho to be second. “Lewy” received the trophy for the best goalscorer – and this is also a tangible achievement, even if many call it only a “consolation cup” – said Kręcina.

The activist also spoke about the employment of Paulo Sousa, whose further work will depend on the results of the Polish representation in the play-offs. – The decision was hasty, which can be seen from the results … I will repeat what I said right after this unexpected reshuffle in the managerial position: Jurek Brzęczek was very hurt. I do not know how he would have been at the Euro, but since he was promoted to it, he should get a chance to lead the team in the final tournament. Not to mention the fact that in the World Cup qualifying he would also win against the three teams Sousa won. And surely – looking at the “pragmatism” of the staff at the time when he was leading it – Hungary would also add to it – assessed the activist.

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