Kris Jenner molested a security guard? There are new allegations in the case

  • Kris Jenner was charged with sexual harassment of her bodyguard
  • According to the testimony of the injured Marc McWilliams, shortly after his employment, he encountered “a series of unwanted and undesirable sexual advances and other offensive behavior.”
  • Now the lawyer of the security guard has announced changes to the lawsuit. It’s about racism and unwanted sexual advances
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Dark clouds are gathering over the Kardashian family once again. After sensational reports in October 2020, when the media informed about the allegations of harassment against Kris Jenner, the case has its follow-up.

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The attorney of the injured Marc McWilliams sent a letter to the editorial office of the Daily Mail, in which she informed that after a thorough analysis of the original claim, she and the injured party came to the conclusion that it should be supplemented with two new charges. The first is about racism, while the second is formulated as unwanted sexual advances to be made by Kris Jenner.

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Kris Jenner molested a security guard? The celebrity denies it

Former associate of the Kardashian family – Marc McWilliams was hired as a security guard in 2017. According to his testimony, shortly after he got a job, has been surrenderedseries of unwanted and undesirable sexual advances and other offensive behavior ” by Kris Jenner.

The man who brought the indictment against the most popular mother in the United States claims that he has repeatedly made clear to his boss that he has no interest in having a private relationship with her. Despite such a declaration, Kim Kardashian’s mother was not to let go.

Marc McWilliams maintains that Kris Jenner massaged his back, neck and shoulders without his consent, and that her hand landed on his thigh and was heading in “one direction”.

Such a description of events Kris Jenner herself categorically rejects it. With the mouth of your lawyer, Marty Singer, declares that all accusations are lies and fictions:

Interestingly, At the last trial in a Los Angeles court, no one from the Kardashian family showed up. Despite the fact that the name also appears in the case Kourtney Kardashian. It was for her that Marc McWilliams worked before he was fired from his job. The security guard is privately a friend of the compromised rapper R. Kelly.

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