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Kristen Bell, an actress known, among others from the films “Weronika Mars” or “Scream 4” will defend Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. In a recent interview, she admitted that she also did not wash her children every day, but only when she smelled an unpleasant smell from them. According to the actress, it is a “biological sign” that it’s time for a bath.

This famous acting couple recently spoke to Dax Shepard about surprising details of their private lives. The actress admitted that bathing in their house was not a daily chore, and that children were washed when they noticed that they were dirty.. Ashton Kutcher also admits that they both do not use cosmetics and only use soap to clean them.

We only make fun of them when they are dirty. There is no point in washing it more often Kunis was saying

Shocking confession of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. Only wash your children when you notice the dirt. “Mydo deprives skin of natural oils”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher shocked their fans with how to raise their children. The famous couple was a guest of a popular podcast in which they confessed that bathing in their home is not a daily chore. Mila Kunis admitted that she washes her …

Kristen Bell defends the couple’s parenting methods

The confession of a famous marriage was extremely shocking for many fans. But she was not surprised Kristen Bell. The actress known, among others She admitted from such productions as “Weronika Mars”, “Dobre Miejsce” or “Krzyk 4” that she shares the way of raising children presented by Kunis and Kutcher. In the program “The View” she admitted that one time with my mother they simply forgot their children’s minds and thus looked at their daily baths from a new perspective.

We burn our children every night, it was our bedtime routine. Over time, the kids start to fall asleep on their own, and we remember from time to time: “Hey, when is the last time we confuse them? – she was saying

The actress revealed that today she does not wash the children for five or even six days. According to her, an unpleasant smell is only a sign that it should wash away.

Actually, it stinks sometimes. I’m for it waiting for the stench. It’s a biological sign that it’s time to wash. It’s just bacteria. When you have them, take a shower. That’s why I don’t get bothered by what he does. I’m waiting for the stench – she confessed

Is such occasional bathing a new fashion among celebrities? Perhaps we will see more “hygienic coming-outs” soon.

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