Kristen Stewart: 60s mullet for Chanel’s spring

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Inez and Vinoodh

Kristen Stewart inaugurates the Chanel spring summer 2023 with a black and white video, playing with the contrasts of nostalgic noir atmospheres and playful details typically 60s. The mullet, for example, sparkling and lively, clearly contrasted with the shaded eye make-up, visibly dark and smoky despite the absence of colors.

A film from the past, signed Inez & Vinoodh, which tells about Virginie Viard’s vision for next season. Indefinite, elusive, impossible to pigeonhole, Kristen Stewart moves into one Paris that seems to belong to another era. A past without definitions, which embraces 1920s atmospheres, but also lets itself be tempted by more modern and rock games, including scaling and short pointed bangs.

Chanel spring summer 2023: return to noir

A naturalness inspired by the words of Gabrielle Chanel. “When the body is no longer concerned exclusively with her elegance, when the obsession with being beautiful gives way to inner attitude – mental attitude rather than ostentation of pride – a woman gains in naturalness, youth and simplicity. He has just taken a big step towards his own realization ».

Here then is the moving, evolving figure of Kristen Stewart in the streets of Paris acquires a new meaning. Becoming interpretation of the true essence of the actress, of every woman, in its changeability. Because, to quote Kirsten Stewart herself in the video, “our identities are an ever-evolving artistic project over a lifetime. […] It is no longer important to know who you are or what you want to do. I think it’s important to tear down our best yesterday, every day, to start over“.


Chanel, Inez and Vinoodh

Kristen Stewart for Chanel: the tomboy style for spring summer 2023

What is striking is the sharp contrast between the markedly noir setting and Kristen Stewart’s beauty look. Elements that seem to have no points in common, but yes harmonize in perfect balance. The merit is of the continuous game between opposites. From hyper-feminine make-up of the muse Chanel and the “tomboy” cut.

In fact, an eyeshadow stretches on the actress’s eyelids that gives definition to the eyes, charging it with intensity. Sophisticated and smoky, it is more intense thanks to the black and white film.

But it is Kristen Stewart’s new cut that draws attention. A mullet shaggydisheveled and with well-defined layers, loose and increasingly thin on the lengths. To complete it, an equally indefinite fringe, short, almost pointed and open curtain on the forehead.

A silhouette that becomes gentler exclusively thanks to the contained lengths. Short to the chin, Kristen Stewart’s mullet embodies all the elegance of a helmetbut adding the verve of the typical rocker cut.


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