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Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles, where she lives, in 1990. Engaged to screenwriter and novelist Dylan Meyer, after her Oscar nomination for Spencer (was Lady Diana) is in theaters with the disturbing-provocative-scandalous Crimes of the Future by David Cronenberg. Getty photo

She tells you by looking into your eyes, Kristen Stewart. “I’ve been acting since I was 8 years old. Today I’m 32 and I’ve never interrupted the job I love, always looking for continuous challenges. Especially after the immense and global popularity it has given me Twilight»…

At 32, Kristen Stewart, the former teen idol of the vampire saga with Robert Pattinson, is at the cinema in the discussed Crimes of the Future by David Cronenberg. At the Cannes Film Festival, where it was presented, many spectators walked out of theaters due to the crudeness of numerous sequences…

Kristen Stewart in the trailer for David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future

Kristen yesterday, today and tomorrow

But not only. Kristen has two films ready for next season, a mix of genres exactly like the film by the Canadian director. love me mixes romance and science fiction in a post-Apocalypse world where humanity has been exterminated. Only our image remains on the Internet. partner of Kristen, the very hot Korean actor of Minaries And Nope, Steven Yeun. The second is Love Lies Bleeding, directed by her English friend Rose Glass. A sentimental story in strong colors, with Ed Harris and Dave Franco.

Reduce from Oscar nominations for her portrayal of Lady Diana in Spencer, Kristen doesn’t attend red carpets unless necessary. She lives secluded in the villa in Los Feliz, the real old Hollywood neighborhood, under the Griffith Observatory, purchased after the first film in the vampire saga. She especially she lives, if it’s not on a set, the neighborhood. She goes to buy books, does the shopping, chooses some vintage dresses or trousers. And she frequents the Caffè Figaro, a meeting point for actors and directors, artists and writers from the neighbourhood. She always with her partner: the writer and screenwriter Dylan Meyer.

kristen stewart

With girlfriend Dylan Meyer at Oscar Night 2022: Kristen Stewart was nominated for Best Actress for Spencer, the film about Princess Diana. Getty photo

Lucky to have a family like mine

«My family has always accepted and supported me in my choices and in my being. Especially from my mother who is a very good screenwriter and my father who is a producer. I really want to underline their openness, and the deep human warmth they have always given me”. After all, she has always distanced herself from those who try to stigmatize her sexual preferences. She, like her, has always reaffirmed the authenticity of her 4-year bond with Robert Pattinson.

Let’s start with Crimes of the Future, the film by David Cronenberg. What did you think when you read for the script? And what are your favorite films of the director?

Videodrome it was truly a film anticipating mass media problems. I really enjoyed it Naked lunch from the book I often reread by William S. Burroughs. But I remember my surprise to see Crasheswhich in my opinion anticipates the themes of the mutation of Crimes of the Future. And then A Dangerous Mind, which prompted me to buy several works by Carl Gustav Jung and Sigmund Freud. I’m a Freudian, I confess. Cronenberg always intrigues me for the themes he chooses … Naturally I found the satirical Hollywood fresco in almost perfect Maps to the Stars.

crimes of the future cannes festival 2022

The red carpet of Crimes of the Future at the Cannes Film Festival: from left, Don McKellar, Léa Seydoux, David Cronenberg, Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart and Robert Lantos. Getty photo

Crimes of the Future: characters, actors and plot

And what effect did Crimes of the Future have on you? the story, the characters are the sum of Cronenberg’s vision of cinema. And of the world…

It disturbed and fascinated me. I wanted to act with Léa Seydoux: she is the protagonist with Viggo Mortensen. I am the National Organ Registry investigator because the film, in addition to focusing on everything that climate change causes, talks about the mutations of human beings’ organs. The protagonist makes it a real artistic performance. It was really interesting and challenging to apply my psychiatry readings to the character as well.

kristen stewart

With Lea Seydoux at the photo call of Crimes of the Futureat the Cannes Film Festival 2022. Getty photo

In the beautiful book, published by Rizzoli in New York, The Art of Discovery, dozens of well-known cinema artists tell why they chose and how they live their profession. She writes that some films really opened her imagination and confirmed that she had only one goal: to become an actress…

It’s all true. At 8, on the set of panic room by David Fincher with my much admired Jodie Foster, I already knew that I wanted to become not a star, but a complete actress. The saga of Twilight he gave me so much, but I never let myself be imprisoned. I’ve been a rocker Runaways, for instance. But before that I really enjoyed working with Robert De Niro on Disaster in Hollywood.

And at the height of his success he chose to go to Paris, to act with one of the most complete French authors: Olivier Assayas…

I have always studied new directors-authors. When Walter Salles wanted me for On the road i was happy. And of Assayas I had seen many films. I wanted to act with French actresses. I loved doing it with Juliette Binoche in Sils Maria, which I consider one of my best films. I have always lived on cinema, and now that I direct short videos I do it with extreme humility and passion. I’m focusing on a documentary project, both cinema and TV, entitled The Chronology of Water. Based on the memoirs of Lidia Yuknavitch, which addresses the issues of bisexuality.

She is also involved, outside the cinematic field, in disseminating the work of women who have changed the world.

Yes. I’m reading a very interesting book about women pioneers in California, Women Trail Blazers of California, which gives me surprises on every page. I discovered Giulia Morgan drawing Hearst Castle. but also all of Mary Pickford’s work in silent film and at United Artists.

crimes of the future

Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen in a scene from Crimes of the Future

At the same time she is a face, a body and also a fashion perfume for Chanel…

I keep to my commitments. I’m at the service of women, I always am even when I go out quickly in the morning to walk our dog in a pair of grunge jeans. Obviously, I feel like a disciple of Chanel and reading her life I thought that she had a magnificent existence … Because she always did and created what she wanted.

Dreaming of Billy Wilder and François Truffaut

Is there a director you would like to be chosen by?

If he were still alive, Billy Wilder. And Francois Truffaut.

As an actress, do you like playing real or imaginary characters more?

There is always a part of imagination even in building a real character. Besides, I’m omnivorous. I love jazz and rock, casual and denim style and high class clothes. Being part of the fashion world is an achievement that I care about. As I care about the fact that, when it was difficult to talk about rapes, I starred in the TV movie at a very young age Speak – the unspoken wordsa schoolmate says about a raped girl.

When you were very young was there an actress you always went to see?

More than one. Sally Field, for example. I think it’s very important for us actresses to have what I call our “artistic freedom”. It goes beyond image and social media, which I’m not a fan at all.

kristen stewart robert pattinson

Berlin, 2012: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson on the red carpet of Twilight Saga: Brealing Dawn 2. End of the saga and their love story. Getty photo

Is there a quote from a director you are most fond of?

I have so many memorized in my notes, from Kubrick to Woody Allen. But I choose a quote from Martin Scorsese: «There’s no such thing as simple. Simple is hard». There is no simple thing. Simplicity is difficult. The perfect phrase for these difficult times…

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