Kristen Stewart, no to heels and yes to flat shoes (or bare feet)

The times when the official red carpet dress code, evening dress for women and suit jacket and tie / bow tie for men seem to have made sense. But fashion, especially in recent years, has made great strides in terms of representation and abandonment of the canons which, in fact, are linked to gender binary stereotypes: why oblige a woman to discomfort of heels and dresses, and limit men’s style options? And in all of this, where do the non-binary stars fit in? Fortunately, celebrities are the first to have contributed to the subversion of these implicit rules, including Kristen Stewart.


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The actress, nominated for the 2022 Oscars for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film Spencermade history appearing on the hottest red carpet of the year in shorts. Signed Chanel like his suit, of course, but very far from the style codes that have always been suggested by the Academy. And not only that, because Kristen Stewart has returned to show off a habit that has accompanied her since her first appearances in the spotlight, that is the abandonment of heels immediately after the photocall. A practice that, perhaps, was not expected at the Oscars, but that the actress wanted to normalize in favor of comfort.

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