Kristen Stewart on her first paparazzi experience: “I was smoking weed with my ex”

Kristen Stewart recently opened up about her first paparazzi experience, revealing that when she was photographed she was smoking marijuana with her ex.

Kristen Stewart recently talked about her acting career, the fame gained after acting in Twilight, her first experience with paparazzi and his attempts to silence the “noise“during that peculiar period of his life.

Stewart, during an episode of Hart To Hart on Peacock, spoke to Kevin Hart about her early days in the acting world, before the conversation turned to paparazzi and how her first experience with photographers made her. understand that his life would change forever.

The first time I was photographed by a paparazzo I was sitting smoking weed with my ex-boyfriend and my dog ​​on my parents’ porch. And I remember my ex-boyfriend’s family, who lives on Staten Island, contacted me and asked me, ‘What is this stuff ?!’ And I thought, ‘Oh no, I guess this movie is going to be something huge‘”, explained the star.

I learned that the acting experience is a beautiful thing and after years of trying to silence the noise for years I realized that you shouldn’t pay attention to people photographing you smoking weed on the porch with your dog and your ex boyfriend.“concluded Kristen Stewart.

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